~11 things about me~


  1. I have always been a writer.The Penningtons
  2. I’m kind of unshakably optimistic.
  3. I think about “voice” all the time.
  4. I cannot kill spiders.
  5. I am in love with my house which I think of as a manse.
  6. I was the kind of child who felt like a grown up on the inside–I wasn’t.
  7. The life of our political ideologies will be found in film and television.
  8. I think life itself is art and prayer, which is my only faith, always in crises.
  9. You never get used to the stares when your family is multiracial, but you learn to ignore and live beyond them.
  10. Social Justice. #Persist. #Resist. #Rethink. #Revolution.
  11. My husband and kids are the stars, the glitter, that led me to what’s real on this planet.