Editing Services


Editing Services

I specialize in high-level developmental editing that focuses on the heart of your writing project, whether that’s the marketing message for your business, the thesis of your writing assignment, or the true soul and structure of your essay or article.

If you want to be clever, connect with your audience, captivate them with humor, insight, or pointed commentary, then you should, actually you must, use Molly’s developmental services. I’ve done so for presentations, brochures, and marketing letters as a CEO of a large trade association, as a Board member of a national organization, and now as a consultant of my new firm. She’s a great editor, who makes sure you connect to your audience. What Molly provides is priceless, but she gives it to you at a reasonable price.

Mark Glaess, Retired CEO and Founder of InnerG Consulting

I offer the following editing services:

  • Substantive, developmental editing for large writing projects
  • Essay evaluation for structure, theme, and flow
  • Style-conscious copyediting at paragraph and sentence level

I’ve helped clients hone college entrance essays, research papers, and larger projects like theses and dissertations. I’ve whipped web copy into shape. I’ve helped new writers revise and restructure work that was then accepted for publication. I’m confident that I can make your writing shine.

I have a special love for voice development in both new writers, and those already experienced at their craft. I help writers enhance and amplify their voice and its specific spirit, message, and unique expression.

Often, when you’re close to a project, you may not see what you’re really trying to say. I will. I have an eye for synthesis, and experience writing for variant audiences. I can make your essay ready for publication or submission, and show you how to keep your intended audience rapt and reading.

Molly beautifully identified the learning style of my daughter to help her find her voice and purpose in writing. Their weekly sessions developing my daughter’s English papers were a source of encouragement and confidence-building. Molly taught with genuine care going far beyond the subject matter.

Barb Thompson, Mother of a high schooler struggling with Writing

Editing Services Package 

Feel free to contact me at molly@mollypennington.com for more information on my services and fee schedule.