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Tutoring in English and Writing

I don’t just teach students how to complete one assignment or make it through a class. I’m about teaching them how to love learning itself. I open them up to the fact that learning is a life- long project and it always concerns the self. How you are. How you feel. How you interact with your mind and the world.

Molly beautifully identified the learning style of my daughter and gauged her approach to maximize the time they spent together. They fed off each other’s creativity as they brainstormed over writing assignments. Their weekly sessions studying English together were a source of encouragement and a confidence-builder for my daughter. Molly taught with genuine care going far beyond the subject matter.

Barb Thompson, Mother of a bright high schooler struggling with English and Writing

I offer tutoring services in English and Writing for:

  • Students in high school or college
  • Elementary and secondary students
  • Graduate students at the dissertation, thesis or project stage
  • New writers

I strive to teach my students lasting skills so that they have the confidence to succeed throughout their education, and beyond. I believe that a strong reader will become a strong writer and a naturally critical thinker. As a former college professor, I’m a passionate teacher of writing, literature and English who gives my students a solid aptitude that they can build on as they move forward.

I’ve helped many students hone college entrance essays, research papers, and larger projects like theses and dissertations. I’m confident that I can help even resistant writers shine and feel self-reliant about future papers and assignments. I’ve taught and tutored high school students, have 10+ years as a college professor, and have mentored teaching assistants. I also have experience designing curriculum.

I have a special love for young and new readers. I’m certain that I can help elementary and secondary students build a love for reading and hone their natural gifts for expression.

You can read some of my advice on studying at Noodle Education.


I’m an experienced lecturer, facilitator and discussion leader who can present difficult subjects like racism and sex discrimination in an engaging and accessible mode. I’m also adept at leading workshops on writing and creativity and helping groups work together to critique and improve their essays and stories. I also speak on topics such as parenting the adopted child, teaching your kids to meditate and the dynamic of parenting kids far apart in ages.

I have expertise in a myriad of subjects that include both scholarly topics and inspiration for the soul.

Types of Speaking

Soul Subjects

I can get your group motivate and inspired with topics on achieving goals and overcoming roadblocks.

Do you need a speaker to lead a compassionate talk on adoption, parenting, homeschooling or motherhood? I’m equipped to speak with:

  • Women’s organizations
  • Parenting groups
  • Churches or Adoption groups

Social Subjects

With a doctorate in cultural studies, I have scholarly expertise in a range of topics related to diversity, multiculturalism, visual literacy and cinema. I offer accessible, compassionate, non-preachy introductions to difficult topics on:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Discrimination
  • LGBTQ rights and policies
  • Interracial dynamics
  • Visual and Cinematic Representation of Minorities

I have a 101 Series on Difficult Social Topics such as:

  • How racism works
  • What diversity means
  • Understanding visual culture and literacy
  • Understanding the intersection between gender, race, class and sexuality
  • How to analyze film and media
  • Understanding Whiteness

My talks are perfect introductions for:

  • Colleges, Universities and Schools
  • Panels
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Community Groups/Social Justice Organizers

that are looking to broaden their perspectives and turn toward inclusive policies and education practices.


If you want to be clever, to connect with your audience, to captivate them with humor, insight, irony, or perhaps poetic or pointed commentary, then you should, actually you must, use Molly. I’ve done so for presentations, brochures, consultations and marketing letters as a CEO of a large trade association, as a Board member of a national organization and now as a consultant of my new firm. She’s a great writer, and she makes observations that bring emotions and insight to your audience. What Molly provides is priceless, but she gives it to you at a reasonable price.

Mark Glaess, Retired CEO and recent Founder of a new Consulting Firm, InnerG

With scholarly expertise in film studies, American culture, visual literacy, political policy and gender and race theory. I’m talented at seeing the big picture in the meaning behind cultural trends and surges. I can tell you how box office returns correlate to election cycles and how presidential politics impact fashion and marketing. Some of my prior research and writing explains how World War II trends in film and fashion in the 1990s made the American public so receptive to war in the 2000s and how the same trends related to political policies on abortion, gay rights, and crime.

If you have a business or organization that’s affected by cultural paradigms (and there isn’t one that isn’t) then I can find unexpected connections between your industry and the popular trends that will affect your bottom line. Basically, my expertise helps me see what forces in popular culture and politics are going to have a long term cultural impact.

I can provide nuanced and research-based analysis on the impact of popular cultural trends and politics on your business or corporation.

My services are ideal for Businesses, Corporations and Schools with concerns surrounding the impact of:

  • Visual culture
  • Trends and politics
  • Racism, diversity and multiculturalism
  • Sexism and gender issues
  • Popular culture

Feel free to contact me at molly@mollypennington.com for more information on my services and fee schedule.