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Cultural Commentary



On The Bachelor

Giving Nick a Chance: Do We Even Want To?
Stuff to Normalize: Nick, Nannies for Grown-ups, Reddi-Wip Coalitions
Red State Roller Skate in Nick’s Hometown
#BlackGirlMagic vs. Swamp Thing –  The Fight for America’s Heart & Soul
Rose Rage, Racism in Reality, & the Nickpocalypse


On The Bachelorette

Catalogue of Masculinity: Which Guy Are You?
Is the “Nice Guy the Antidote for the “Superdouche?”
Anger-gasms, ‘Roids, and Breaking the Man Code
Misogyny, Chad-Bear, and Card-carrying Wussies
Mini-Chads, Male Toxicity and the Search for New Villains
White Leads and Bleached Moments
Broken Hearts, Skewered Nuts and Khaki Dreams


A Brilliant Bomb: Smash: Season One
The Allure of the Tales of the Working Poor: Downton Abbey: Seasons One & Two
Color Television: What Diversity Looks Like in America Today



Meryl Streep, Sex Goddess
Movie Time Travel and The New Nostalgia
How to Be a Film Snob: On ‘High’ (as in Getting) Culture
Movie Toilets: Women and the Politics of Defilement
Spoiler Alert! The End of Film Endings
The Lucky One Gives Us a Recuperative History of the Iraq War
The Impeccably Cute Delightfulness of Stuff: Moonrise Kingdom
On Location: Pennsylvania sets the scene for Movie Magic



Best Movies to Watch Just for the Clothes
The Most Iconic Movie Set in Every State
Best Tearjerkers for When You Need an Emotional Release
Best Suspense Movies with Twist Endings You Won’t See Coming
Greatest Spy Movies You Should Watch Again


Book Reviews

Ethnographies of the Hipster: Miranda July’s The Future and It Chooses You
Memoir of the Sunday Brunch’: Food, Family, Faith
Bright and Tidy Messes*, On Katie Rophie’s’ In Praise of Messy Lives