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Molly Pennington,


The Art of Meaning

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The light of truth thrills me and I want to help you and everyone else in the whole, wide-gorgeously-worth-it world to liberate the power that I know of as Voice. We need gobs more love letters to the world and to each other. And all the best writing is a love letter, really. Let me help you write yours. You can also find me at the newly-created Moltan Soul where I’ve launched a course on authentic branding with my co-founder, Tania Segbefia of Lady T.


I have always been a writer. I was paging through A Child’s Garden of Verses (circa age 2) when words first wooed and wowed me. They took me alive, convinced me of their power, and made me eat their beauty. Mir Alphabet (that mighty, mystical creature with 26 separate brains) persuaded me to worship dictionaries, poems, plays, and punctuation, as well as its corruptions; “Mir” is the inclusive form of madam or sir, btw. I grew up devoted to the English language —a fanatical phrasehound and a reliable addict of books. This undertaking was, quite simply, Love

I have written hundreds of articles for magazines, anthologies, and websites —a pop culture-infused miscellany undergirded by my feminist sensibility, social justice obsession, and spiritual infatuation. I’ve worked in most of the ways a keyed-up logophile will: editor, essayist, joke writer, ghost writer, copywriter, caption writer, content writer, lecturer, professor, tutor, teacher, speaker, and waitress. I received my PhD in Critical and Cultural Studies from the University of Pittsburgh where I taught courses in English, Film, and Visual Culture for 13 years. And oh yes, I’ve won several awards (each infinitely prestigious, woefully underknown, and vigorously deserved) including the Guideposts Writers Workshop, and recently, the Folio: Eddie Award for Unity Magazine.

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MY heart is ever at your service.

-William Shakespeare

I specialize in high-level developmental editing that focuses on the heart of your writing project, whether that’s the marketing message for your business, the thesis of your writing assignment, or the true soul and structure of your essay or article. 


I offer the following editing services:

  • Substantive, developmental editing for large writing projects

  • Essay evaluation for structure, theme, and flow
  • Style-conscious copyediting at paragraph and sentence level

I’ve helped clients hone college entrance essays, research papers, and larger projects like theses and dissertations. I’ve whipped web copy into shape. I’ve helped new writers revise and restructure work that was then accepted for publication. I’m confident that I can make your writing shine.

I have a special love for voice development in both new writers and those already experienced at their craft. I help writers enhance and amplify their voice and its specific spirit and unique expression.

Often, when you’re close to a project, you may not see what you’re really trying to say. I will. I have an eye for synthesis, and experience writing for variant audiences. I can make your essay ready for publication or submission, and show you how to keep your intended audience rapt and reading.


For me, Molly was the mentor I did not even know I was looking for. While I am used to people believing in my ability, and pushing me to achieve, I haven’t come across many people who have pushed me to simply “be myself.” Molly forced me to be honest with myself and to be patient – she made me feel comfortable with not settling for easy. I can say, with great confidence, that Molly has helped me to get where I am. Not because she pulled any strings, or because she had all the answers, but because she was willing to listen and understand. She not only believed in me, but she believed in my spirit. I can’t thank her enough for that.

-Greg McCummings, recent graduate and Media Professional

"Molly was my professor at the University of Pittsburgh. I enjoyed her class so much, that I reached out to see if she’d be willing to mentor me. Without hesitation, Molly agreed. During my senior year she spent time answering questions, sharing personal experiences, congratulating me on what I was doing right and giving me an honest opinion on what changes I could make professionally to succeed in the communications world. I’m very thankful for her time and the knowledge she imparted to me".

-Chelsea Cox, Communications Professional and Aspiring Writer




Love letters (and other biz) accepted via the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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